NudeManFest is set in the beautiful countryside of Victoria. There are areas for communal sharing, camping, bushwalking, swimming and enjoying the sun and elements. Large shade trees provide restful areas out of the sun whilst the cleared areas provide a perfect spot for sunbathing and socialising in the warmth of the sun. NudeManFest celebrates how it has grown into a world renowned nudist community festival. It’s also the only rural event on the famous Midsumma calendar. Hosted on a beautiful and secluded location that covers 1,500 acres and incorporates mountains and bushland, NudeManFest is set in the flat grassed area near a creek, near its ancient undisturbed eco systems. Participants will need to bring their own camping equipment and supply their own food and alcohol. Shower and toilet facilities are available.  A cool room, fridges and cooking equipment, stoves and BBQ are also provided. NMF is a friendly community event, where all men are welcome, no matter your age or sexuality. There is no need to be shy, even if you come on your own. NMF prides itself on creating a safe and warm environment and ensuring everyone feels a part of our community. NudeManFest is strictly a drug free and hassle free event. For more info, see our FAQs.