Law in Victoria

It is not illegal to be nude in public in Victoria. The only section in the law which talks about nudity in public is section 66 of the summary offences act which states: “You must not deliberately and obscenely expose your genitals in view of the public.”


The pharoah reveals himself to be a lover of beauty in nature, in art and in man. The Pharoah Akhen-Aton, his wife and children went around with no clothes on at all, practiced nudity in the royal palace, royal gardens and swimming pool, loved physical beauty, valued good food and wines, and lived a, frankly, joyful existence.

In Ancient Greece when a Greek wished to dance or work, he simply slipped out of his clothing and proceeded. It was the natural thing to do, and no one was dismayed by seeing a nude person dancing or working. The attitude to the Ancient Greek body is best illustrated in the writings about the athletic training that took place in the greek gymnasium. The very word gymnasium is based on the root word gymnos (meaning “naked”), the gymnasium being defined thereby, as a place where one stripped naked to exercise. The Greek philosopher SOCRATES often advocated nudity as a form of honesty.

The Ancient Indian philosopher MAHAVIRA often mentioned nudity as a method of becoming free from bonds..contentment with no clothes. Nudity was a “step towards oneness with the whole universe”, or MOKSHA (the bliss of enlightenment).

The emphasis of NudeManFest is communal sharing with other men. It is a place that male openness can be displayed, be admired, be enjoyed and be savoured. It is a state of mind and body where the restrictions and impositions of society are discarded and a new freedom is found and enjoyed. NudeManFest sets no societal barriers and all sexual activity is accepted although persons are requested to respect the feelings of others. An important and unique aspect of NudeManFest is the cooking and sharing of meals communally in a spirit of fraternal hospitality and brotherhood. For more info see our FAQs.