NudeManFest – the very word conjures up special memories, special people, special moments. Here is a place where fixation with clothing is discarded, where fashion becomes irrelevant, where consumer demands of presentation fade and cease to exist in our consciousness. Here, man is not reduced, but elevated to his original pinnacle of the perfect item of creation. Here, in this place, he once again strides naked and resplendent in the Australian version of the garden of Eden. Here, he listens to the primeval desires of his heart, at one with nature and with his fellow man. Here he is proud to display his nudity, where sensuality is observed, where sexuality is explored and all his emotions climax into a crescendo of naked praise.

There is nothing to be hidden by the darkness of society, the prudery of fools, the sadness of ageing, the dictates of society. Here at NudeManFest, every stage of the naked Man is confirmed, acknowledged and ratified. Here, the mirror to his soul proudly exhorts I am Naked, I am Male, and I am Proud. An embracing invitation is extended to all men – Come and be free and naked, throw off societal shackles of nicety dictated by clothing and revel and soar like a bird in a new exhileration of nudity. The naked male, in all his presentations, is truly a beautiful and outstanding product of creation. Come and experience. Are you confident enough to bare all to others and to show them a new path to be trod? Nudity allows truth and honesty to flourish and in this pristine space nudity and lifestyle intertwine and flourish. Dare to experience.