How can I get there without a car?

Benalla Train Station is about 30km from the camp ground. If you are unable to get a lift or drive to the festival, someone may be able to pick you up from the station, but you must pre-arrange this 48 hours before the start of the event. Alternatively, please talk to your fellow campers whom you know, to work out a plan for them to pick you up. There is no telephone or mobile phone access on the site – you cannot rely on ringing up to be picked up. So therefore you need to plan in advance. The best thing to do, is contact us 48 hours prior to the festival for advice.

Also, there might be an option to car pool. If you have room in your car or need a lift, it is useful to post on the NudeManFest Facebook page and let others know your situation. There is usually room in a few cars that are heading up from Melbourne. And in previous events we have seen a number of people become friends on the drive up.

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