Is there any concern about fire during the summer season?

When camping in the outdoors fire can affect your experience in many different ways. We use fire to cook and create ambience and warmth, or, used in the wrong way, it can kill us. As there are many of us camping in the middle of the summer months in a dry bushfire prone area, we ask that you help to keep each of us safe by only using the communal BBQs for cooking where we have nearby fire extinguishers.

Individual BBQs, Camp Fires, Personal Candles, Incense Burners and any other naked flame are Strictly Prohibited during the Fire Danger Season.

At all times, cigarette smokers may not smoke inside any building and must only smoke in designated smoking areas. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in appropriate rubbish recepticles.

Fire Plan: While we don’t want you to be alarmed, we do want to be vigilant and prepare you in the case of a fire threat during NudeManFest. There are several access points for a safe exit, in the event of a bushfire. We have, to date, no history of a bushfire at NudeManFest and we expect your 100% cooperation in keeping it that way.

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