Will there be internet / reception / technology there?

In a word, No. The idea is to log off and disconnect and engage with your fellow campers. Even fellow campers who are with Telstra have had issues with reception. You may go for a bit of a walk up the mountain to get reception if you really need to check who is on grindr, but seriously, take the time at NudeManFest to turn off your phone, leave your laptop or tablet at home and enjoy the scenery, the environment and communing with other like-minded men in a relaxing bush setting. There is no internet (or wifi) but there is a landline in case of emergencies. There are power points if you do need to charge anything: – just talk to the NMF coordinators. Benalla is a 15-20 mins drive from the site where you will get wifi reception if you need to to check messages, emails etc

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